Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lyrics to RED


We're gonna run, gonna run, gonna save you
We're rolling up our sleeves, got our fingers curled
for the bad, for the good, for the evil, 
they got it out for me, for me

We're tripping hard, gotta hit it on the bullseye
we gotta check our traps, gotta sneak out late
for the girls, and the boys, for the broken
they got it bad for me, for me

We gotta run, gotta run, who will save me
we're rolling up our sleeves
We're trippin hard gotta hit it on the bullseye
they got it out for me

Baby, it's the chain reaction, you'll see.
It's a lonely, lonely world, at a crazy, crazy speed 
and you don't need no more distractions from me
it's a lonely lonely world, at a crazy, crazy speed

Ya hit a groove, hit a groove on your back road
You walk the boulevard looking for a change
in your eyes, in your hands, at your young age
They're looking low for you, for you

They got it out for me.  They got it out for me. 


Do you still sleep without your pillows in the house on cherry street?
Do you hear the sea?
And we promised we would meet back up in Autumn, but next spring came crawlin' on its knees.

You couldn't fit inside my suit case,
And I didn't wanna be slowed down.                        
Sometimes I wish that I could turn the clock around.

Why Daniel, I wish you'd talked me out of it, through thin and thick 
Why Daniel? Why'd you let me walk away, I would've stayed.
I convinced me If I loved you, I'd leave you, i was lying.
You stood there with your palms out, your crying was silent
Why Daniel, I didn't mean a word I said back then. Why'd you let me win?

I remember when we spoke of flying North to Paris, France, just to feed the birds
And do you still have that old napkin you took home from the cafe, where I wrote those 3 words? 

You couldn't follow me to LA
I should have never took that job
Now 3 years have passed and I still feel so robbed

Have you settled down with someone since I gave you time to grow?
Do you ever think about me, was it easy to let go? I was such a foolish soul.
Billy The Kid

Now once upon a time when the west was old
A ma saw her son was a sight to behold
he could shoot his daddy's gun like a straight arrow
He wrestled with the rattlesnakes before he walked
Ya, He grew up fast with a hardened grit
and he had the pluck and he had the wit
Ya his mamma called him William till he up and quit
and in these here parts he's known as Billy The kid

I've had you in my sights, my arms for so long.
Where did you go?  I didn't know. 
I've been around here waiting for so long, so long
And I'll wait for you.

He was as tough as nails, barging in the saloon
missing an eye, gun glowed in the moon
he called out to the crowd, "I don't want no fuss. 
See, I'm looking for a runaway, who looks like this!" 
And he slammed the paper down, it was covered in dust, 
but the crowd kept silent, sure, he looked real tough,
 but they knew the portrait well, and they knew not to,
mess with Billy the kid and his gang of thugs

The sheriff knocked on the door of a pretty girl
tipped his hat, said, "We gotta have a look around.
We'll give you cash if you tip off the fugitive."
She bit her lip, she was in love and acted clueless.  
He grabbed her arm and said, "We heard you been a harborin'. 
Give him up, I give my world I'll keep your name clean."
She steered 'em clear of the cracks in the floorboards and
said, "You'll never find him, you'll never find him!"

I'll never tell you what I saw
or how it made me breathe.
I'll never repeat what I heard
how long it took me to leave.
I'll never tell you what I saw
or how it made my smile freeze
Cause this world is a whirlwind, but I'm holding that trapeze
and I'll never tell you what I saw

I'll never tell you who I loved
or how they made me free
I'll never tell you how I slept
back when I was 15
I thought that I could just forget
the bricks that have built me
but this world is a whirlwind and I'm holding that trapeze
and I'll never tell you who I loved

but If I could tell you one thing
I would tell you I'm not leaving
If I could show you one thing
all my mistakes have shaped me
into who I am 
and who I am just wants to make you home

I'll never tell you why I drive
into the night and back again
I hardly speak of my home town
My little hands in the cement
I'll never tell you what I saw, close the door, swallow the key 
but this world is a whirlwind and I'm holding that trapeze
Ya this world keeps on turning, love is carried in a sling
Ya this world is a whirlwind and I'm holding that trapeze.
So I'll never tell you what I saw

The Broken Ones

I know they've hurt you bad
Why hide the scars you have
Baby let me straighten out your broken bones
All your faults to me make you more beautiful
I can't help it I love the broken ones
the ones who need the most patching up
the ones who never been loved
never been loved
never been loved enough

Maybe I see a part of me in them
The missing piece always trying to fit in
the shattered heart hungry for a home 
no you're not alone
I love the broken ones

You don't have to drive with your headlights off
It's a pocket knife, not a gift from God
Don't you learn of love from the love they kept
I will be your anchor, slowly, step by step

Maybe we can rip off the bandage
Maybe you will see it for what it is
Maybe we can burn this building holding you in

I Will

If you forget the reason that you're singing
and it's hard to find the song of your soul
just remember how you helped me start believing
anytime you're feeling down, I hope you know

Whose gonna always have your back
Whose gonna be a friend like that
I will, I will
whose gonna try to make you laugh
remind you life ain't all that bad
I will, I will

If you're feeling like the queen of nothing's working
and you question every choice you make
When you're sick and tired of being so uncertain
and everything you thought was right is lost along the way

Anytime,  anyplace, I don't care
No questions, no judgements, I'll be there

When all your wells are running dry
and nothing's really going right 
who's gonna help you fight the fight

Good Boy

You're gonna have to take him away, cause he don't wanna leave
Charlie's such a good boy, a good boy
Mamma's crying out, "Where's he hiding?"
Charlie's such a good boy, good boy.

And now he's sleeping at home in his rocket ship bed
Why does being good feel so damn bad?
He stares at a picture of his run away dad
shines his flashlight steady.
Kid, you're such an easy target, without a rebel bone.
You're so compliant, quiet as a stepping stone.
Did he give you the love you were yearning for? Did he give you what you need?

Have you heard the headlines on Blackberry street
There lived a kid out there in number 523
He came home smelling of old shaving cream
He began to act out.
He became a little devil, BB gun to the birds
and he spit out the F! and the S! and D! words
His mamma asked the priest and the priest replied,
"He used to be an angel, mam, Ya, I don't know why."

You can keep a secret right? Right. I can trust you with my life?  Right.
I don't get no sleep at night, Night. You can keep a secret right? 

Walking along the streets of New York with a bag full of old memories but I'll follow you.
And I always thought that home was up the stairs to space 11B but time can change things too.

Red, yellow, red, green
Traffic in the city, reflects light in your eyes.
Hands touch, eyes meet, I remember perfectly the night we fell in love.

Everywhere we go is home baby home, home is you're with me      
Everything we touch is love, baby love, love is all we need
Is all we need. Is all we need.

I don't need a roof over my head while I've got your hands to shade the sun away from my face
I don't need a space to call my own, to scatter records on my floor, you're my secret place.

Red, yellow, red, green
Traffic on a side street, the corner where we met
Lips touch, you breathe, right into the soul of me, I haven't come down yet

You're all I'll ever need, You're all I'll ever need
Hearts out to dry
It's too late, you're too late
reach for the window pane
look to our childhood for screws that are loose, don't we?

We all know ourselves well
winter has dug in its heels
living like all love we worked for was something we stole.

How does the wind sing so sweet
even after all this time
How the lights dim, heavenly
taking back what was mine
you should have seen the way you loved me
leaving our hearts out to dry
you should have seen the way you left me
leaving our hearts out to dry

How did we come to this?
Chips in the paint that we missed.
Hard to put my finger down on the day it turned cold.

June turned into July.
Oh how the time will fly by
We were so careless to run from the words that we spoke

Isabella, Isabella, I heard you crying through the walls
What's the matter? What's the matter? All the neighbors hear it down the hall

and I didn't want to be the first to say
everyone around here thinks you're crazy
and I didn't want to be the first to say you shouldn't stay, Isabella run away

All your hero's are your records, you play 'em loud but I don't mind the noise.
Why ya hiding?  Why you staying?  Maybe you don't think you have a choice.

and I didn't want to tell you face to face
that your mom and dad are straight up crazy
It's really hard for me to say that you shouldn't stay, Isabella run away

Don't you be afraid
It's never too late
You're a sleeping tiger, come awake

Out the window of your bedroom, climb on down the fire escape.
I left some money and a ticket. For the first time in your life don't be afraid

and baby I will be the first to say
You are stronger than you know, you'll find your way. Isabella run away. 

Don't kick the chair

Have you ever felt like everybody's watching, waiting for you to lose?
Have you ever felt like you're living in a spotlight, searching for the real you
Tell me, Have you ever woken up just to wish you could close your eyes
Getting hard to find a friend in a city like this where you can't even trust a smile

There are lonely nights when you see no hope, and you're feeling short of breath
Like the whole damn world is a braided rope in a noose around your neck

Don't kick the chair
It's gonna get better
Don't kick the chair
It can only get better

Have you ever felt love, really really felt love, the kind that could save a life
But right before you know it, you find out in a moment, you're gonna have to say goodbye
Walk Away
Looking back on younger days, the time has passed, and nothing stays the same.
She was such a pretty girl, with glowing eyes and yellow curls. Hey!
Stars are in a summer night, She's wishing that they'd fall down through the atmosphere, for a souvenir.
She's waiting for her Superman, her Never land, cause He can show the way.
Where's her missing piece her mind's been chasing, chasing?

A bullet with your name, a ticking time grenade, you better run away  
Either way you're screwed,  there's nothing you can do, no matter what you say.
She's tellin' tales through telephone that make you cry, chill to the bone. Hey!
It's lock and key, electrified, hide and seek from dirty eyes
Driving in the rain to somewhere far, but they've got tattoos stamped upon their arms, of her name in hearts
She doesn't understand that love is what you give, not given up. Hey!
Where's her missing piece her mind's been chasing, chasing?
Yeah you better not sleep, because she's waiting, waiting. 
She knows all about you. You're in her aim. 


  1. Thanks so much! Much appreciated.

  2. The first thing that attracts me to a song is the "feel" of it, second are the lyrics. I'm proud of myself for getting most of the lyrics right from listening to the songs, the only exception is, "Hearts out to dry", because I've just been lost in the "feel" of it.

    Love the lyrics and feel to all these songs.
    Thanks for putting the lyrics up! :)

  3. thank you for posting the lyrics. I think you are a great song writer, very meaningful lyrics, and many people can relate to. Much success for you Dia Frampton, will always be your fan.

  4. yay thank you for posting the lyrics! I have a request though. Could you post lyrics to "Love Can Come from Anywhere"? It's actually one of my favorites :) I've been listening to you since 2006 and you never cease to amaze me. I'm so glad to see how far you've come.

  5. I saw you on "The Voice" and you were my favorite. Then I saw "The Broken Ones" video and the first time I saw it I just bawled. I have a family with six brothers and sisters and I am the oldest. We were very poor and went through some very hard times. It just reminded me of our life as a family and how I felt like we were all fighting together. I had to get your cd after that. My sisters and I love your music! My favorite song is Billy the Kid. I am so glad you were able to be on the Voice and were able to get out there and share your music (and your other band as well). Best wishes for everything you do.

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  7. Dia, I hope you could post the meanings for Cocoon, Here here and here + Meg & Dia albums! I hope to understand more of the music you wrote :)

  8. Please post lyrics to love can come from anywhere, its amazing and I want to read the lyrics just as bad as I want to sing that song!

  9. Amazing album! I listen to Red every day! Could you please also post the lyrics to Stairway To The Stars and Love Can Come From Anywhere? Pleeeeeease... ! Love your music, hope you come to Brazil some day.

  10. Listening to you, thinking of you, finding myself here. Love can come from anywhere - thank you for being in this world, Dia. Your words are one of the beautiful experiences that keep me alive. Hope life smiles for you today. :)