Thursday, January 19, 2012

Madison, WI

Thank you for having us Madison!  We would love to come back when you're not so freezing!  Here's some photos from our travels :) Thank you to everyone for coming out to the show! XO - Dia

I had no part in the making of this pathetic snowman.  My snowman would probably look something like Butters from South Park.  If you ever get me in a good mood, I'll do my Butters impression for you.  From what I am told, I'm not all half bad.  (P.S. Whoever made this's not pathetic.  I'm sure it was quite awesome when it was at its full peak).  

It takes hours to set up a stage.  This is us just getting into the venue and looking and analyzing the size of the stage, where the piano should go, the best angle for the amps so that they don't rebound off the walls.  But if you think that's a lot of, just wait till you see the Blake Shelton stage and set up.  It takes HOURS upon hours to set up the stage, the PA, the lights, the props, etc.  The crew wakes up at 7 a.m. or earlier and gets to work, climbing the tall ladders to put up the blue lights, laying out the textured floor, putting up the stairs, the drum riser, the walkway.... And it looks out of this world.  The next time you're thinking 50$ is expensive for a're paying for a lot with that 50, and it's worth it.  

My sister loves learning and exploring new cities.  No, my hair didn't get longer...this is her below reading up on the local hits. If you come out to a show, you'll probably see her stage left playing the guitar, piano, synth, drums, percussion.  You name it.  She has her own blog too and homemade jewelry site. She loves to say hello, so at a show, don't be shy.  She's pretty nice...ok, ok, she's really nice.

This is Nick Price, my drummer, below.  I've been playing music with him since I was 17.  Funny random fact: We (Meg and I) met Nick through a car accident.  Meg crashed her car in a grocery store parking lot (Yeah, us Asian drivers. I know, I know...)  but then we took the car into Nick's parents' body shop, called Price Auto.  Nick was working there and worked on Meg's car.  We started talking about music...and....7 years later, here we are.  You'll see him on the Shelton tour as well. 

Carlo Gimenez (guitar) and Jonathan Snyder (Bass).  They play nintendo on the bus for HOURS.  Boys.

So, that's us in Madison.  Nothing too crazy, but...just wanted to send greeting.  Now we're gonna hit the road again! Much love - Dia


  1. Thanks for the tour pictures. So it's not just a pretty girl coming out singing beautifully to putting on a show. There is alot of time, money, hard work and man power to put on a show, big or small. Glad you & the band are enjoying the tour. We fans love you & Meg's blogs.

  2. Thanks for the update! I so wish I could make it out to a show and meet all you lovely people. You guys inspire me. I love your music, always have. And that snowman picture....there is no way you can possibly be any cuter. :)

  3. Liked the update. The snowman looks like something Calvin or Hobbes built. Attack of the Snow Goons!
    This blog made me wonder how you actually live on the road. Logistically, how do you wash clothes, shower, sleep, etc.? You can't do everything on a bus or do you? I know your schedule is really tight so how is there time to stop off for stuff? Perhaps that might be an interesting blog entry for the future.
    Well, it can't be like before when you lived out of van (down by the river) and showered in gas station sink (only on tour I mean).

  4. I like how you and Meg keep giving us little snippets of life on tour-Thanks! I mentioned on Meg's blog how it'd be nice to have "A day in the life of a touring musician" blog or learn more about the unsung hero's that make it possible for a tour to work. I like the pics of you all, even the poor little needed to put a magic hat on him so he could dance to your music! ;)

  5. Awesome pictures!!! I love seeing stuff about you guys - always makes me smile...

    I'm definitely gonna ask you to do Butters' impression if I ever do get to meet you!

  6. It's surely a lot of hard work to organize, move, unpack, assemble and check all that equipment. But then several hours later you have to disassemble, pack, and move it again when you're tired! And packing takes longer than unpacking.

    I like to build stuff and then sit back and admire my handiwork. But to have to tear it down, move it, and then rebuild it somewhere else every day...well, I admire folks who can do that. I know I would go crazy.

  7. Sweet photos Dia! I would love to watch the entire stage set up process that occurs before a concert, sounds pretty grand.

  8. So close and I didn't know!

    Come to MN! :)