Thursday, March 1, 2012

Show Time whether you're ready or not....

"So what can we expect from a live Dia Frampton show?"

This question, for some reason, seems to be a very popular interview question, besides the "How has your life changed since The Voice?"  (Answered that one about...a million times already. Ha). 

It's a hard question to answer because, I don't want to say what I'm really thinking when they ask that question:

"Uhm....I don't know."

No one coming to a show or asking the above question wants to hear a flat out, "I don't know!"  But the truth is, I really don't, and I think that's the beauty of a live show.  You really don't know what to expect.  It's organic.  I could totally butcher a song, forget lyrics, trip and fall on Meg's guitar cable....  The mood of a live show changes all the time.  The mood of the artist changes all the time.  That's an important factor to take into mind as well.

There have been a lot of shows where I have "lost myself in the music."  Shows that have been the best night of my life, where I've been genuinely smiling ear to ear, just so grateful to be on stage and even more grateful that the crowd seems to be just as happy as I am and also responsive.  

But there have been other times, many other times, where that's not the case at all.

Like yesterday, I was grumpy and sick, my nose running, a full body chill,  a cough that wouldn't be suppressed by all the Halls drops in the world, a sore throat, and...WHAT? I have to go out and sing in front of a crowd of people and pretend like I'm having the time of my life?  

There have been shows where not so great things have happened.  I remember one show a few years ago, where my boyfriend and I of 1 and a half years had a terrible fight, and after a 2 hour phone call of tears and exasperated yelling, we broke up.  Then my tour manager popped his head in the door and said, "Get your in ear monitors on! You're on in 20 minutes."  What? 

Or what about the time we played a show up in Canada where 4 policeman stood guard at the side of the stage (during our entire set), waiting to take our dear Guitar player in for questioning. (Long story, but he was completely innocent...very long story).  That was definitely not a relaxing show for him, nor anyone.  

What about the show I had the worst period cramps in my life....

The show where Meg went to the hospital, drove to the venue, played the show, and then went back to the hospital. 

The show where I was in one state, and my little sister was back in Utah in the emergency room for a high risk case of pneumonia....the doctor saying she'd have to sleep in the hospital for a few nights with the "red alert" on her?

The show where all 5 of us band mates got in a huge fight the day before and were barely talking to each other...and then we had to go out and play together?......


Most people don't think about these things when they're watching a show.  Not because they're ignorant, but just because...well, you just don't.  

I sure as heck don't think about those things when I'm watching my favorite band.

And that's just it.  Both parties don't think about those things.  There is a secret ingredient us musicians should always keep in mind: Respect for the audience.

I enjoy it when an audience is captivated in my show (If I'm lucky! :)).  I enjoy it when they're singing along, my lyrics engraved in their minds.  I enjoy it when they laugh at one of my dumb jokes.  When they politely wait outside the venue for doors to open.   When they come early for a good seat.  When they yell out a song request.  When they cheer.  When they get lost inside one of MY songs.  It's an amazing feeling.  They give so much when they come to a show.  And that's why I (and my fellow musicians) must give back.  

That's why every night when I go out on stage, I leave everything behind me.  All my worries, frustrations with life, an argument with a boyfriend, missing my mom, sickness, fatigue, even hunger! Haha.  There have been times when I've gone out on stage wishing for a delicious sandwich! Ha. When did I last eat...what?...5 hours ago!? But the crowd is the reason I dress up, pin my hair up, put my lipstick on.  

It's just like when you've been in a relationship with someone for a while and all of a sudden, you stop caring.  I'm not saying that you aren't allowed to sit with your loved one in your sweat pants, pony tail, & no make up on.  (Aw, that sounds so nice right now).  But sometimes when you're with someone for a long time you end up dressing like that all the time. You stop going to the gym, forget or don't care to shave your legs, to put his favorite perfume on.  I've been together for so long it doesn't matter right?  
Wrong.  Or at least I think so.  It's important to "get ready" for your significant other.  And take that and times it by 100 and that's how important it is for me to "get ready" for the audience.

Lipstick. Check.
Hydrated.  Check.
Vocal warm ups. Check.
Curled hair. Check.
No alcohol. Check. (I don't mind drinking on stage for other artists, but I have seen some artists that have been so drunk they can barely make it through a song...and very disrespectful to their audience).  
All my worries, cares, and grumbling...that's put away in a cupboard for the one hour I'm on stage.  Because that time is yours and mine, together.  For music.  That one hour is for us to forget about everything else.  I'll leave my cares behind if you leave yours:

Your job
Your mid term paper that you haven't even started on yet
Your rent payment that's due soon
You just got laid off from your job
Your girlfriend dumped you
You just got out of rehab
You have a head ache
You lost your wallet
Your dad never praises you, but always brings up the bad things
Your parents are getting a divorce
You're trying to quit smoking and your hands are shaking

I never thought about YOU guys!  I never thought that, hey, maybe someone in the audience is having a terrible day but decided to come out to the show anyways!  Maybe someone in the audience is feeling sick, too.  They're here.  They are smiling!

Let's make a promise from here on out.  Live music concerts are a time to close your eyes, forget all your cares, and sing the lyrics to your favorite song louder than the person on stage.

That's what I do when I go to concerts.

When I go to a show of a band I love, I'm the girl in the back singing and screaming out all the lyrics loudly, waving my 5 t shirts I bought (The last show I went to, I spent $250 on band merch! Ha! I love being a music fan).  I'll be the girl checking the seat next to me every 2 minutes, making sure no one took any of my 4 vinyls I bought.  The girl making friends with the people next to me (or annoying the hell out of them).  The girl who's happy to be there with a band that I know is also happy to be there!  

Cheers to live concerts!


Dia Frampton

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  1. Its really awesome how open and respectful you are to your fans. I can't wait for your concert with Blake in Seattle, counting down the days til March 9th.

  2. I love your blogs. They remind me that, no the musician is not all happy all the time! Feel better!!!

  3. Just a quick comment. Thank You for all the sacrifices you do just so we fans can listen to your live shows. Just think, your tour is almost over. Then you can spend some quiet time with your loved ones. Can't wait to see you at the bluebird on sunday!

  4. I love how to ur so real dia! Ur so talented and beautiful :) can't wait to see u in Reno!
    P.S. I already order my nerdbot necklace and I'm gonna wear it to the concert :)

  5. i really enjoy reading your blog. i'm not usually a big fan of reading all the way through a an entry because i get bored easily haha. and totally agree! when i went to your nyc show i was tired and thirsty and my back hurt from standing around and stuff (i'm like an old lady, i swear) but when you guys came on i pretty much completely forgot. it was so worth it. thanks for the amazing show. :)

  6. See, Dia... Thats why we love you... you get it! You get the magical way music can make a person feel. You get the exhilarating excitement that flows thru adoring fans. You get it. And the best part is that you give it right back!! That's absolutely amazing, in my opinion!
    I remember going to your show last month & how it made me feel. It was the 1st time seeing you in person and from the moment you walked out on stage I could not stop smiling. You were even more beautiful in person than you were on TV/YouTube :)
    When you began to sing I wanted to close my eyes & get lost in the music (which is usually what I do at most shows) but I was so excited to watch you perform that I just couldn't bear to shut them.
    I don't know if you were having a good day, a bad day, or just a regular ol' so-so day, but you never stopped smiling or interacting with the audience. You told some cute stories & even sang your very last song ("The Most Beautiful Girl/Guy In The Room") to a guy in the front row.
    So, if anyone were to ask me: "What can I expect from a live Dia Frampton show?" I'd tell them they can expect to be smiling from the moment you walk on stage until the they get back home & climb into bed. And there's a good chance they may even be smiling the NEXT DAY!!! :)
    They can also expect amazing music, a few good laughs & the experience of getting to see one of the most talented artists of this generation.
    You're a wonderful musician, singer, performer & an all-around amazing person!! Your fans adore you and rightly so. All your giving does not go unappreciated or unnoticed.

  7. I was at your show with Blake Shelton and Justin Moore in Worcester, MA last month. Everyone from singers to band members to stage crew put on an excellent show!

    As a fan, I want to say that I have the utmost respect for anyone who puts in the hard work, has the courage to get on stage in the spotlight, and wants to entertain with their talent. And during that time, just like you say, we really do forget our everyday cares for a while and immerse ourselves in your music. It really is magical.

    I appreciate that live shows are not 100% the same as listening to a CD, nor should they be. Live shows have the benefit of interaction between artist and audience, and it must be gratifying for an artist to receive that energy from the crowd.

    Let me assure you that we in the crowd do feel the energy from you and the band, too. I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Very sweet, thanks for always thinking about your fans Dia!

  9. eventhough ive only watched your live performances on youtube, i can already feel the awesomenes, and cant help to think, i wish i was there,..
    Cheers! hope you start feelin better, and stay awesome.

  10. Your dedication to always doing your best really shines through. At the Pittsburgh concert, you all had such a great stage presence and looked amazing. The audience loved you and your music! I was stressed before the concert, but once I heard your lovely music I forgot all that, so thanks!

  11. That's a really good thing to think about. Oftentimes we think too much of ourselves that we forget about our presence WITH the other people around us. The fact that you do your part and try to make the effort to make sure the whole concert experience is mutual... That's something very honorable. I've been a fan for years (first discovered you 6 years ago to be exact!) and things like this remind me of why I've loved you and Meg & Dia's music for so long. You guys are real, and I hope you find the will power enough to put your best self forward in all of the shows you do. People love you for you, and whether you're feeling well or not, we'll still support you.

    Keep rockin' on Dia!

  12. Oh, and I'll be going to your last show on March 18th at the Troubadour. That's the Sunday night right before my finals week, but I bought your ticket in a heartbeat because I knew I couldn't give this opportunity to see you and the band up again!!! (A few of your last shows in my area up north always got cancelled!) The Voice finale and Jay Leno didn't do justice since it was geared towards TV and very constrained, but I can't wait to finally witness you back in your element! Whatever the case, the sight of seeing you guys up there, and me being able to witness it, will be just enough...

  13. i think its interesting, i heard you say somewhere that learning from Blake you realized how important it is to connect to the crowd. I felt in NYC you guys totally did that. Your story about Daniel, I really felt it while you were singing. I love how natural you all are on stage and down to earth, there is a particular charm to that. Meg and Carlo really rock out and thats alot of fun for us. Thanks to all of you for giving it your all each and every night. Its really enjoyed as I sing along with ya guys. Your schedule looks grueling and its greatly appreciated.

  14. Seeing as I was at the concert you are talking about, I am just glad you were able to still sing (and sound amazing) feeling that poorly. I was just getting over being sick that night too, and although I could tell you were not feeling 100%, you never let on just how much you would probably have rather just stayed in bed. It also made me feel not so bad for coughing occasionally during the performance when you were doing that too! Hope you feel better soon.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, and made it a point to look up all of your music online this weekend. To my chagrin, I'd never heard of Meg and Dia before last night - I loved you on the Voice, but never guessed you were in a band - but after hearing you sing with your sister I'll be correcting that. I'm definitely enjoying the Cocoon album I purchased that night.

    Highlight of the night for me was getting called out by you for drumming along to the beat - I've been to a lot of concerts but that's the first time I've been directly spoken to from the stage. And with you feeling sick, that makes it all the more cool. Definitely makes you feel connected to an artist. Thanks!

    Look forward to the next time you are in the area.

  15. Thanks for an honest read, made me smile! Never thought about concerts from the performers perspective.

    Looking forward to reading your blogs!

  16. Haha, I just realized that I am THAT girl at concerts too. Your words sum me up in a nutshell. But, I can't help but have a great time at shows. They're the perfect getaway.

    Thank you for sharing this, Dia. And I had the best time at your show in Pittsburgh. Thanks for being so nice!

  17. Every time I listen to good music, that's a good 3-5 minutes I can forget about the things that bother me and just relax. Even more so at a live show / concert.

    That's why I appreciate your music, Dia! Thanks. =)

  18. I bought Red last week and now I simply can NOT get it out of my head, and I haven't been able to listen to it for two days. If I were to just judge you from what you write, here and your lyrics, you must be one of the coolest people on the planet right now. I'm jealous of your friends! j/k

  19. Just read your article on Korean Beacon. Great job and congrats on all your success so far. I'm a photographer based out of Chicago. I've been featured on KB before as well. I would love to collaborate/network with you in the future. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you my info. you can find me online at: Best, kenny

  20. hello dia! just wanted to let you know that I found out about your music through, believe it or not, a dj remix of tupac and lupe fiasco..haha.. a bit of your song monster was on there and i was like, with the help of my friend google, found out who you guys were...contemplated ripping songs off of youtube but ya know (cheap asian in me), however, i wanted to support my fellow asians AND the fact that it was your blood, sweat, and tears, I bought all of meg and dia albums. yup all of them with real money too :) AND like two weeks later, the voice season 1 started. I was like, oh snap! YUP, i had your back the whole way through. Anyhow congrats to you for all of your achievements and success. You deserve it. Be warned, next time you are in ATX i will hunt you down for a autograph. Best wishes for the future..

    PS. I bought RED when it came out too...full price...with real money :) . I went without without lunch for a few days :)

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