Monday, May 28, 2012

Farewell for now

As many of you may have heard, my older sister, Meg, is choosing to leave the band for a while and do her own thing.

I don't know how long "a while" might be.  It could mean forever...or not.  But I know that she knows she always has a place with us whenever she wants it, whether it's on stage, in the studio, or just writing songs together in the living room.  

It's been a long (and amazing journey) of playing music together and creating.  We started our very first band over 10 years ago in Utah!  

I believe that she feels it is her time now: A time for love and discovery and art and adventure.  (Even though she is leaving the band now, she is not leaving music.  She will still write and create music, so keep updated with all of her ventures on her blog or twitter or face book). 

Twitter: chandlerrobot


(If you want to read about her leaving, go to her blog first).

She will not be touring with us in June.  Instead, our friend, the amazing Jimmy Welsh from Boston is coming out to join us.  I think you guys will really like him! He is a hungry musician and singer/songwriter, and I am very happy and honored/excited to have him come out with us.  

Nick, Carlo, and Jonathan will be on tour with us in June.  And yes, I know that many of you know via Meg's blog that Nick (our drummer of 7 years) and her are dating and have been for years.  I hope she doesn't mind me answering such personal questions, but a few have commented to me asking if Nick is leaving and if they're okay.  Again, I hope Meg and Nick don't mind me harping on their very personal lives, but you guys are our close fans so....  Nick and Meg are doing very well. (It was his birthday yesterday)! Woot woot.  And to answer many questions, Nick is staying with the band and you will see him in June as well.  He is not leaving.  Nick supports her decision, as she supports him in his every day ventures. :)

I was not surprised when Meg informed us she was quitting.  It was sudden and hit hard, taking the breath out of me, but  She's always been a very independent woman, and has so many dreams and goals and aspirations that are different than mine.  Even though we are sisters, and very close at that, literally and emotionally (she's 2 years older) we have always been very different.  Even playing in Meg and Dia, we wrote our songs very separately.  (For example, on a 12 song album, maybe 5 would be written by me, 6 by her, and 1 by both of us collaboratively).  

It is now her time to grow in a new way.  Away from the van and trailer, and days spent traveling on the road.  Away from the fast paced race of Los Angeles.

You can expect new music from her, new jewelry designs ( I have her latest one...and it's awesome.  Shhh! Surprise). And just anything involving art really.  Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised by anything Meg decides to do in the future.  She's an adventurer.  I'm ready for that phone call of, "Hey. I'm opening up a restaurant.  I'm auditioning for a movie.  I'm playing piano in the orchestra of a broadway show.  I've started my own business.  I'm interning for a dress designer...."  Any of that. I wouldn't be surprised at all.

She's always been very talented and seems to always succeed in anything she puts her mind to.  Dedication comes with ambition, to her.  She's never been one to say, "I wish I could do that..." She just does it. 

That's always been something I've admired in her very much.

Maybe years from now she'll want a "vacation" and come out on the road with us for a few weeks.  Or maybe you'll see her on the road in her new musical projects on her own, or at a jewelry convention, etc.

Keep up with us all :)  We're a band of 5 best friends with so many dreams (different and alike) in our paths.

Thank you very much for all your support and love.




  1. I'm very sad about this, but I feel okay at the same time. I guess I've seen it coming, but it still made me tear up a bit this morning. I wish her the best and I'm looking forward to whatever happens. I hope she goes back out with you all eventually though, I'd hate to think San Diego is the last time I'll have seen you all play together.
    See you in Denver!

  2. Im really sad 2... I was really anticipating a new meg & dia album 2 add to my favorites :( but to the band and Meg I wish the best of luck

  3. I know that this doesn't classify as a band "break up", but I've been in love with Meg & Dia for so many years, that I don't know how else to phrase it. & honestly, I don't care if it's the right term or not.

    I support Meg.
    Dia, I support you.
    I support the band in everything it does.

    I just wish that you guys would continue to do things together.

  4. Best of luck to her in all her future ventures.

  5. I was surprised when my friend told me that Meg was leaving. Maybe it was because I had just watched a 2.5 hour movie, or maybe it was because I was looking forward to talking to her again at the next tour I could go to. Either way, I respect her decision and will follow her through all of her adventures. I really hope if she does take a "vacation", as you put it, it'll be during the time I see you perform next. It'll be weird for a while to think of you and not think of Meg right next to you. By the way, I just LOVE the first picture in this post :) One of the best nights of my life.

    1. Was that from their concert in Chicago? How was it?? I'm hindsight I regret not going...

    2. That was an amazing show. I'm right above Meg's right shoulder and paramoria is right next to Meg's left shoulder. That show was the most amazing time and everyone from the band are some of the nicest people that I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I'm a bit saddened by this news but at the same time I'm thinking yay more Chandlers. I wish all of the best to Meg, Dia and the band :)

  6. As I said on Meg's blog, us fans will continue to support every one of you, no matter what you do or where you go! I'm so excited for all of you and can't wait to see what's in store for the future. Take care and keep us updated! :)

  7. Dia, I've been a fan of Meg & Dia for years. I remember the first time I saw you guys perform was with Bayside. You were the opening act and you were amazing. I was lucky enough to see you guys in Rochester a few months ago. The best concert I've ever been to. Loved it.

    It saddens me to hear that Meg is leaving, that it will no longer be "Meg & Dia." She will always have support from us, the fans, with whatever she chooses to do with her life. I wish her all the best in her next life adventure. I'm looking forward to the music, the jewelry, the writing and whatever else she does that comes out of this. Hopefully I'll get to see Meg & Dia again!

    P.S. Check out my profile pic :) Meg & Dia forever!

  8. I was equally proud of Meg's decision to do this. As fans and as a MaD family, we've always been here to support you all on all of your endeavors. Indeed, it will be like a part is "missing" without Meg performing up there with you guys, but taking the wheel for her own life--which is often a scary thing to do with today's way of the world--is a GREAT accomplishment, and I cannot wait to see where this decision takes you and her in the near future.

    And who knows? Maybe this will fuel the inspiration for a reunion and comeback, or maybe just take you guys to even better places than expected! But farewell for now, and see you (in your own respective places) soon!

  9. I m very surprised. Of course we all support anything you guys decide to do, but this... i couldn't imagine. I am sure she have made the best decision for her, now. And hope she gets wherever she wnats to go. Hope y'all the very best

  10. Aw, it's so sad to hear that she's leaving, but she'll always be a part of your band! You both do such amazing things so I guess now its time for her to do something brand new on her own! I wish her and you all the luck! :D I hope to see you preform again soon (:

  11. It's the end of an era. When I was thirteen years old, I picked up your first album after hearing "Monster" and "Roses" on Myspace. I am just so glad and blessed that we as a group of fans have gotten to be a part of this amazing musical adventure. We are all the better for it. I know Meg will succeed in whatever she does, just as Nick, Carlo, Jonathan, and you have and will continue to do. Much love to all of you!

  12. This is one of those weird times when I want to laugh and cry at the same time.

  13. I read Meg's blog about this earlier, and while I can't really say I'm surprised, I am a little sad at the news, though I am happy that Meg is getting to explore different aspects in her life now, I'm sure this will be a very rewarding and learning time for her :) Im excited to see what the future holds for her, I'm sure she'll release a bunch of amazing jewelry and songs, and who knows what other awesome projects she'll get into! But good luck to each of you in all of your different endeavors! I'll always support the Meg & Dia group, whatever path the members choose to take

  14. It is sad. I'm glad I got to see Meg with you all at least once.

    I've been kinda bummed all day after reading Meg's blog but after seeing the picture above of Meg and you when you were little I've been in a better mood because this is what I heard when I looked at the pic, Meg: "Hmmmm, when I get big I'm gonna be a musician and make some awesome jewelry. I wonder what my first piece should be....?" You:"GRRRRRRRR!!!" Haha!

    I wish all of you the best! Here's to new adventures!

  15. good luck to Meg, I know she will do very well! :D She is such a talented person, I know she will have fun with whatever she does!


  16. Sad to read Meg's blog and decision to take a break but understand .Been a fan since first saw you two at Electric Theatre, several warp tours, and latest Blake Shelton show. Love how you two banter and smile with each other. Your music just keeps getting better. My dream would be for you both to have long successful solo careers and get back to make a Meg & Dia project (like Miranda Lambert & Pistols Annie's). Will always be a devoted fan of you both. See you in Reno on June 13.

  17. Im saddened with this news but people need change sometimes so its understandable. this jimmy fella has big ginormous shoes to fill!! i havent seen a line up change since kenji and aaron.

    I hope cocoon won't be the last of the Meg and Dia legacy! tell her to do a farewell show!

    p.s. you look like a little rascal in that picture with your sis and mum

  18. One thing is certain and that is change. It's just hard to take for those who love what you made together. But I am hopeful and excited for what is to come from all of you. I admire both of you for your drive to shape your own lives and dreams in your own way. Like what so many others have said, I 'll support you guys in all your endeavors however that I can.

  19. that's both sad and great. twice the amount of awesome music, right? good luck going on without her, it's always tough when siblings have to split ways. you can do it though, and maybe after the tour with the fray you can come to afghanistan (shindand, more specifically!) and help cheer up us troops! :D

  20. Now two of my favorite bands are splitting up.. :( Well, I hope to hear some more from Dia then :)

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  22. Oh wow! I wasn't s sure what the status was, but I get it now...I had some great times at your shows, some really fond memories of you guys. I always thought ya'll had so much ability, and even if it is not with MaD I hope ya'll continue to make art. Chandler, Red, whatever. Best Wishes. Brad

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